Nose is the focal point of your face. While shape of your nose is usually genetically transmitted, its appearance can be changed by birth defects, injuries or previous surgeries. The surgery (rhinoplasty) is a procedure which can help enhancing its adaptation to face by improving your nose’s outlook.  It can be used for changing your nose’s shape, size or proportion. At the same time, it can also be used for solving inhalation problems due to structural anomalies inside the nose such as septal deviation. Nowadays, it is one of the mostly operated plastic surgery procedures.

What are The Purposes Of Rhınoplasty?

Purpose of the esthetic operation is to have a better facial proportion by fixing shape and size of nose while preserving functions of the nose at the same time.

The esthetic surgery can be made for the following reasons:

  • General size change (Increasing or reducing nose size)
  • Reducing the width of nose
  • Change in tip of nose
  • Fixing nose profile (reducing the nasal hump or filling collapses)
  • Changing nose projection
  • Fixing big or wide nostrils
  • Changing the angle between nose and upper lip
  • Fixing asymmetry or curvature

At the same time, it can be operated for functional reasons such as fixing any inhalation problems related to structures in nose.

Who are The Elıgıble Candıdates For Rhınoplasty?

It is a good choice for fixing appearance for the ones with surgically doable expectations. People who are physically healthy and with fully developed faces are eligible candidates.

What ıs Done During Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is operated under general anesthesia as outpatient and generally takes around 2 or 3 hours. After the patient sleeps, local anesthetic is injected to the area in order to appease any post-surgery discomfort.  Reshaping is made by changing nasal cartilage and/or bones. If growing the nose, filling collapses is needed, cartilages taken from the nose or any other parts of the body can be used. If there is septal deviation, fixing is done in order to relief shortness of breath.

Where Will Be Scars After The Esthetic Surgery?

Great care is shown in order to optimize the size of scar and hide it in a less seen area. In many cases, it is possible to heal with very few scars. Cuts are made totally inside the nose with implicit method, and through columella (nasal ridge which separates nostrils) together with inside the nose with explicit method.

Emergence of scars varies between individuals and is related to person’s genetic susceptibility. Scars generally fade away slowly in time.

How is The Recovery Period?

After the surgery, plaster or thermoplastic splint will be applied to the external part of your nose in order to support the new shape of the nose during the recovery period and it will be removed in 7th day. Silicon tampon will be put inside the nose in necessary cases and it will be removed within a couple of days. If there are stiches outside the nose, they will be removed after about 5 or 7 days.

How Long Resteing is Required After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Resting period after the surgery will provide you to get over the procedure comfortably and will bring better results. There may be some supraorbital swelling and bruises for a couple of days after the surgery. It would heal by itself in days. It would be appropriate for you to make a post-surgery program to rest for 1 or 2 weeks. Most of the swellings on nose will be recovered within 2 weeks. However, it may take a bit longer for the swelling at the nose tip to heal.

When Can You Continue Your Exercises Afterwards?

It would be better to avoid tiring physical activities during around 4 weeks of recovery period. Situations that may apply pressure on nose including wearing glasses should be avoided.

What are The Complications Of The Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery complications are rare as in other cosmetic procedures, and there can be scars, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, swelling or numbness. Complications specific to rhinoplasty are bruises, nose bleedings, nose dryness and shortness of breath. In some patients, a second procedure may be needed to fix asymmetry or scars.

When Will We See The Absolute Results Of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Recovery after rhinoplasty is a gradual process. Some light swellings can continue for a couple of months and seeing the absolute results may take about one year.

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