Gynecomastia is enlargement of breast tissue in men. This may be seen in many men during adolescence as a result of hormonal changes and recovers by itself in most cases. But in some men, this breast tissue can remain after adolescence and its size may grow with anabolic steroids, drug, alcohol and some medicines. In addition to real gynecomastia, sometimes gynecomastia appearance may show up as a result of excessive weight gain.

Who are eligible candidates for gynecomastia surgery?

People with excess breast tissue without a specific medical reason and with good health condition are good candidates for the surgery.

What are the purposes of gynecomastia surgery?

Purposes of gynecomastia surgery are reducing breast tissue volume with the least visible scar and improve contour of breast wall. Fat removal may also be required to have a cosmetically attractive look on breast.

What is done during the surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is a procedure to removal of excess breast and fat tissue with general anesthesia. This breast tissue and fat can be removed by liposuction. The scars gotten depends on a series of factors, but usually they are hidden under unnoticeable places on boob or breast. In cases of strong sagginess on breast skin, much longer scars may be required for skin removal to have an appropriate breast contour.

How is the recovery period? How long resting is needed? When can you continue exercising?

The procedure takes around 1 or 2 hours. The patient can be discharged in the same day. For a comfortable post-surgery period and good results, it would be better to rest after the procedure. There can be ache responding to medicine during first couple of days after the surgery. There may be swelling and bruises in surgical area after the surgery. It would recover by itself in days. It would be appropriate to use corset for a couple of weeks after the surgery in order to help reduce swelling and bruises. Most of the patients go back to work within 2-3 days. During the recovery period, tiring physical activities should be avoided for 4 weeks after the surgery.

Where will the scars remain?

Great care is shown in order to optimize the size of scar and hide it in a less seen area. In many cases, it is possible to heal with very few scars. In cases of excessive sagginess of breast skin, length and position of scars would differ. Emergence of scars varies between individuals and is related to person’s genetic susceptibility. Scars generally fade away slowly in time.

What are the complications of the surgery?

Complications of gynecomastia are rare as in other cosmetic procedures, there can be scar, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, swelling and numbness. Complications specific to gynecomastia are removal of excess or insufficient amounts of tissue and loss of sense around nipple.

When will we see the absolute results of the surgery?

The results of the surgery will be seen right after the procedure and as the swellings are reduced, recovery will continue. Small amount of swellings may continue for 6 months after the surgery. Final contour results as well as scar quality requires at least 6-12 months after the surgery.

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