Although chin is generally underestimated and overlooked part of the face, it has a significant role in face contour in real. While a small chin shows the nose big, a big chin may cause the nose to be seen smaller. It is possible to improve face contours with chin surgeries by providing balance and harmony between other structures of face and chin.

What is more, chin surgery also known as mentoplasty is a suitable procedure for people who are uncomfortable with their chin shape or size. This procedure is operated to reshape chin by taking and reducing a part of it or change chin size and shape with the help of prosthesis.

Who are eligible candidates for genioplasty?

Everyone who complains about chin shape and size can benefit from this procedure. People with physical health, stable weight and realistic expectations are good candidates for this surgery.

What are the purposes of aesthetic genioplasty?

 Its purpose is to eliminate the disproportion between size and shape of chin and other parts of face, and therefore to fix the face harmony. Chin surgery is usually operated together with aesthetic surgical procedures such as brow lifting or rhinoplasty.

What is done during genioplasty?

Genioplasty is an outpatient operation and the patient is discharged in the same day. The surgery is operated with general anesthesia and takes around 1 or 2 hours. There are two different cut regions used for the procedure:

  1. Cut is made from the natural fold under the chin, surgery is operated from here.
  2. Cut is made from the inner of the mouth; chin reduction or augmentation operations are made from here.

In chin surgery, depending on the complaint of patient, bone part can be taken for reduction or chin shape and size is changed by moving chin tip back and forth. In case it is small, with the help of fat injection and prosthesis or moving the chin forward, augmentation procedure can be operated.

What are the scars?

As surgeons, we know the importance of cosmetic results. We make all efforts to optimize the scar size and hide it under the less seen part of lobe. In cuts made outside under the chin, scar is hidden inside natural fold. In cuts made inside the mouth, there are no scars outside. Your plastic surgeon will determine the suitable method for you.

Emergence of scars varies between individuals and is strongly related to person’s genetic susceptibility. Scars generally fade away slowly in time, but it is hard to guess its final size and color.

How is the recovery period? How long resting is needed? When can you continue exercising?

After operation made outside under the chin, surgery region is covered with protective medical dressing. After anesthesia effect goes down, it will be possible for you to go home.  For a comfortable post-surgery period and good results, it would be better to rest after the procedure. In order to reduce swelling and bruise around head and face region, it would be appropriate to sleep head up for first couple of days after the surgery and ice can be applied periodically. There can be ache and swelling responding to medicine during first couple of days after the surgery.  It is required to use mouthwash and medicines for mouth cleaning after the procedure inside mouth. Additionally, taking soft nutrients for one week would provide less pain and swelling. Many patients can go back to work within 3 or 5 days. During the recovery period, tiring physical activities should be avoided for 4 weeks after the surgery.

 What are the complications of the surgery?

The complications are rare as in other cosmetic procedures, and there can be scars, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, weak injury healing, swelling or numbness. Complications specific to aesthetic chin surgery are weakness in lip sense depending on nerve damage, removal of prosthesis depending on infection. Some of these complications may require additional surgical operations. Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed information about the expected results including possible complications.

When will we see the absolute results of the surgery?

The results of the surgery will be seen right after the procedure. As the swellings are reduced, recovery will continue. Generally, cuts are recovered in 1 week, swelling and bruises pass. Small amount of swelling in unnoticeable amounts may continue for a few months after the surgery. Final contour and scar results continues at least 6 months after the surgery.

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