Men has been concerned about their penis size for a long time and until recently they did not have much to do. While pills and creams are proved to be ineffective, weird tightening devices are not only meaningless but also have the risk to leave permanent damage.

Although size of a penis rarely affects sexual performance or pleasure, many men who feel insufficient look for options for penis enlargement. Penis enlargement can play a significant role in increasing male body image and self-confidence.

Nowadays, in order to make their penises larger, men have an alternative of natural enlargement with injection of their body fats to penis. Fat injection is the procedure, following a certain purification process for excess fat from body’s thigh or belly parts, of injection of these fats to other parts of body. These fat tissues are placed into penis tissue in order to reach the desired size. With fat injection, enlargement in both the scale and length of penis is provided.

Your plastic surgeon, after making your medical examination, starts the process by evaluating the reasons for your considering penis enlargement procedure. He explains in detail physical and emotional sides of the procedure, what it requires, what results should reasonably be expected.

What is done during Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery has two phases. In first phase, with liposuction (fat taking) method, fat tissues from belly or thigh region are taken. These fat tissues are centrifuged. In this way, fat cells are separated, and other materials are thrown. In the second phase, penis thickness and length are enlarged by injecting these prepared fat tissues around penis. Fat tissues does not carry allergic reaction risk as the fat tissues are taken from the patient’s own body.

How is the recovery period of Penis Enlargement Surgery? How long resting is needed?

Penis enlargement surgery is an operation with local or general anesthesia and takes around 1 hour. Patient can be discharged in the same day. For a comfortable post-surgery period and good results, it would be better to rest after the procedure. There can be light pain responding to medicine during first couple of days after the surgery. There may be swelling and bruises in surgical region after the surgery. They will recover by themselves in days. Most of the patients can go back to work within 2-3 days. Sexual activity should be avoided for 3 weeks in order to let the fat tissue to correctly settle and stay. Therefore, fat tissues’ changing place will be prevented. When the short recovery period ends, penis will have its normal sense and erections will get harder. In some cases, a second fat injection can be made after 3 months in order for the penis to reach to the desired size.

What are the common complications of Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Complications are rare as in other cosmetic procedures, but there can be bleeding, infection and swelling. In order not the penis to squeeze due to extra enlargement, it is much more appropriate for penis to be circumcised. In some cases of enlargement surgery, there may be asymmetry depending on the position of fat or aggregates may emerge. Such problems can be fixed by massaging. Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed information about the expected results including possible complications.

When will we see the absolute results of penis enlargement surgery?

The results of the surgery will be seen right after the procedure. As the swellings are reduced, recovery will continue. Generally, swellings and bruises recover in 2 weeks. Small amount of swellings may continue for a couple of months after the surgery. Final contour and scar results continues at least 6 months after the surgery.

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