Lips with natural look, volume and explicit lines is a desired characteristic. Whether you have thin lips or your lips got thinner in time, lip filling is the most appropriate method for you to have the desired look. Filling materials can be used for beatification of lips by volumizing, fixing asymmetry and making lip lines explicit. Lip filling brings you a more natural look by providing perfect symmetry and volume.

Filling materials are the most commonly used method for lip augmentation. Most popular and effective filling materials contain a material naturally existing in body, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid filling materials are much safer, more effective and long lasting compared to collagen lip filling materials. All fillings we use contain local anesthetic lidocaine in order to help reducing discomfort during the procedure. Lip filling lasts for about 6-12 months. It is believed that age, genetic substructure, skin quality and life style have an effect on filling material’s period of remaining in body.

What is done during lip filling injection?

Before the procedure, your skin will be carefully checked, your medical history and current medicines will be revised, and which filling material will be most suitable for you will be decided together. Your worries will be eased and a treatment plan according to your needs will be made. Before the procedure, anesthetic creams are applied on the injection region. Filling material injection is a 20- or 30-minute operation operated in medical clinic environment.

How is the recovery period of lip aesthetic? How long resting is needed?

While many patients immediately can go back to their daily activities, sometimes short-term resting may be needed. In the application region, there may be light swellings and bruises and they generally recover in 1 or 2 days. During this period, it is important to avoid sun exposure.

What are the complications of the lip aesthetic procedure?

When operated by experiences plastic surgeons, complications are usually rare and at low levels. Responses of patients to filling materials may differ.

Hyaluronic acid lip filling materials has a long list of benefits like customizable lip volume, individualized treatment speed, less bruise and swelling as well as longer lasting results. Due to its similarity to materials existing in body, allergic reaction risk is very rare. Side effects are rare, but there may be temporary rash, swelling and sensitivity. Typically, effects pass within a couple of days. By avoiding drinking alcohol, blood thinners, strong exercise and fish oil 12-48 hours before the procedure, risk of side effects can be reduced.

Filling materials are safe both for men and women. Filling materials are perfect solutions for fixing face harmony.

Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed information about the expected results including possible complications.

When will we see the absolute results of the Lip Aesthetic?

The results will be seen immediately after the procedure. As the swellings are reduced, recovery will continue in time. Generally swelling and bruise recover within 1 or 2 days.

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