What is laser epilation?

Laser epilation is one of the new epilation methods brought by technology. Laser epilation is permanent and healthy removal of unwanted hair by using laser energy. Laser light, different from the light we know, emission of light in a single wavelength as a straight light beam. Laser light applied to skin with millisecond shots is absorbed by melanin pigment that gives hair its color, and selectively focuses on hair root without damaging tissue around. It creates heat at hair root and damages hair root.

Laser epilation is applied on who?

Laser epilation can be applied on anyone who is over 12 with appropriate hair and skin structure. It is important for these applications to be made with FDA approved devices. In laser epilation, number of sessions to take results changes from one person to another. Generally, first session and period between sessions varies as on body it is 4-6 session once in 2 months, on face it is 6-12 sessions once a month. When it is applied correctly, laser epilation has no harm. For a safe and efficient epilation, skin color, hair color, thickness and density should be taken into consideration.

In which places can laser epilation be done?

While choosing a laser epilation center, it is obligatory for it to be safe and a health institution. Additionally, devices used, their suitability to skin type, hygiene and such factors are not there, then it is inevitable to have negative results. It is very important. Laser epilation is an epilation method applied for years. There is no doubt on its safety all over the world. Its success in results increased with the developing technology.

To whom laser epilation cannot be applied?

Laser epilation is not recommended for people who has totally white hair, pregnant, skin diseases like psoriasis, who uses medicines with significant side effects like acne medicine, who uses systemic isotretinoin, who has cardiac pacemaker, who has peach fuzz and who has epilepsy. In such cases, please consult to an expert.

Please pay attention to these in-laser epilation!

Protect yourself from sun at least 3 months after the application and use 30 or more factor sunscreen. Keep the area moist with moisturizer creams.

Keep away from hot water contact for 24 hours after the application.

Apply ice covered with a piece of cloth in case of pain or swelling in 24 hours.

If needed, you can use painkiller.

Do not shave the region for 48 hours after the application.

If there scabbing in the region, do not touch.

Do not use wax and hair removal creams.

Be gentle to the region and do not scratch. Do not apply irritating procedures like rubbing with bath glove.

If there are infection indications like fever or inflammation seen, immediately call the person who made the application.

After face epilation, do not use skin covering products like pan stick, blusher for 24 hours.

In laser epilation which gives its results with 1-2-month averagely in 6-8 sessions, and in 10-12 sessions on face, treatment can take couple of minutes or couple of hours depending on the width of the region.

With new devices, this period can be reduced to 30 minutes.

After the application, hair starts to fall by itself within 2-3 days.

It is important to have laser application under control of specialist doctors.

For it to be safe and effective, it is needed to determine correct values in line with hair and skin type, and to identify the correct device and energy by checking skin color, hair color and density.

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