This procedure is also known as “abdominoplasty.” The surgical operation includes removal of skin and fat tissue and frequently tightening of belly muscles at the same time.

Who are eligible candidates for abdominoplasty?

The candidates eligible for this surgery will take general anesthesia. Patients with belly fat and skin excess as well as regions with stretch marks, additionally people with saggy skin which cannot be fixed with exercise, overweight and flabby belly muscles are good candidates for this procedure. 

What are the purposes of abdominoplasty surgery?

Purpose of the surgery is to have a straight belly appearance with the removal of excess skin and fat tissue in the belly region and tightening of belly muscles. 

What is done during abdominoplasty surgery?

During the surgery, a cut is made in down belly region (like caesarean scar but much longer). Excess skin and fat tissue reaching out till belly button is removed from the belly region. Afterwards, the belly tissue on the belly button is removed and moved down and closed. Belly is placed to the newly formed belly button. 

Where will the scars remain?

Scar is at the down belly (like caesarean scar but much longer). This scar is generally hidden by underwear. There will be another scar around the belly.

Where will the surgery be operated?

It is operated with general anesthesia in a surgery room by a Plastic Surgery Specialist. The surgery may take around 2 or 3 hours depending on the procedure.

Care, recovery after surgery:

For the best results, you should plan to rest after the surgery. After the surgery, your doctor will give you information about points to pay attention and follow-up process. In the first couple of days after the surgery, most of the patients may have a little bit pain and discomfort at the surgery region. Afterwards, he will feel better and recovery period will start. After the surgery, it would be appropriate for you to adjust your work schedule for resting for 1-2 weeks. After the surgery, tiring physical activities should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What are the common complications of the surgery?

It is normal to have swelling and bruises after the surgery and they will recover by themselves in time. At the beginning, there may be weight gain due to water and liquid retention. Through scar line and belly muscles, there may be tightness and pain. There are no surgical operations with no risks. Abdominoplasty complications are rare as in other cosmetic procedures, but there can be scars, asymmetry, bleeding, infection, swelling, numbness and embolus risks. These may require additional surgical operations. Additional surgical treatment may be required for problems like infection or bleeding.

When can I see the absolute results of the surgery?

As the swellings are reduced in around 2 weeks, you will start seeing the results of surgery. Following this, belly region will continue to recover, and scar will become unnoticeable in upcoming months. Absolute results after the surgery including recovery of scar will be seen within 1 year.

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